One balmy evening, a group of friends were hanging out, enjoying a drink, and describing life in Venice Florida. Sunshine, soft breezes, warm gulf water, the glorious beaches, and the fun that people experience when they live in, or visit Venice. It was the perfect evening. That kind of night you want to bottle and take home to remember.

Minds started to wander, and the room fell quiet. Then out of the blue, John sparked up and announced that “Venice is the Shark Tooth Capital of the World because of the fossilized shark teeth that wash up on our beaches from the Gulf of Mexico! “.

Then the Fun Began....

Everyone laughingly complimented John on his knowledge of shark teeth, and we began questioning exactly how to capture the essence of this experience. Things fell quiet when Bea proclaimed, “We should make the perfect Venice Vodka and call it Shark Tooth Vodka!”. Bea’s suggestion came as no surprise to anyone, as Bea is from Poland, where Vodka is the national drink!

It was decided. We would make a Vodka whose taste represents the experience of Venice. We would use pure, local ingredients and distill it locally to lock in the taste.

But something was still missing... That one thing that would immortalize Shark Tooth Vodka as the True Original Venice Icon. That "Authentic" touch that would solidify Shark Tooth as Venice’s perfect Vodka. A premium vodka that every local cherishes, and that every visitor must experience!

We found it. We would add an authentic piece of Venice to every bottle of Shark Tooth Vodka. One that symbolizes the Venice experience. Every bottle must have an authentic, handmade, fossilized, shark tooth necklace from the white sand beaches of Iconic Venice Florida!

It is our gift to you, as a memento of your experience. The Shark Tooth tells everyone that you chose a bottle of handcrafted Shark Tooth Vodka from Venice, Florida’s very own Shark Tooth Distillery.

Shark Tooth Vodka - Experience the Bite!